Part of designing and organizing your new office space is figuring out where to put cables for computers and other important office equipment and how to hide them for a less crowded-looking place.

Having cables lying around or rolled under desks can not only make the place look messy but also it can be dangerous.

If one of those cables were to be cut for some reason, it could be a fire hazard, or someone might get accidentally electrocuted, and that could cause you, as the business owner, many unwanted problems!

How to solve power supply in your office

Manhattan Office Design specializes in finding the most accurate solutions for offices in New York. This includes the best office furniture, storage, guest seating, waiting areas, and also the power supply.

When you are designing your new office space you might be wondering how to decide where to set up the power outlets, how many should you have, what kind and so many other details associated with this. 

You need to consider computers – desktops and laptops – people’s cell phones, landlines, printer, copy machines, coffee makers, refrigerator, and many more items an office might need, depending on what they do every day.

There are many solutions available:

Above desk power solutions

It is really uncomfortable to have to crawl on a regular basis to unplug or plug a device. Every day the number of items we need to charge throughout the day increases and it is important that everyone is able to access them easily.

These solutions are perfect for things that need to be plugged in on a regular basis. Global Furniture Group has several options available that include not only regular power plugs but also USB and telephone connections and others.

You can choose from blocks that are built within the desk structure or under mounts that are hidden under the table but are also easy to access.

Hide the cables no one needs to see with cable snakes and give the office a more cleaner and tidy look. Take into consideration that cables can create an unsightly mess and are also a tripping hazard.

global furniture group power solutions

Below desk power solutions for the office

It is true that there are many items that need to be plugged and unplugged on a regular basis every day at the office, but there are others, such as your computer, that will most likely need to stay connected to electricity permanently.

Monitors, printers, PCs and other peripherals are considered to be more permanent regarding the power supply they need. For this reason, apart from the above desk solutions, you should also consider below desk options.

Therefore, you should have permanent data posts under the locations of the desks you will be including in your office.

Power solutions for lounges and meeting areas

A question you might be asking yourself is how to solve the power in places where there are no desks and just sofas and chairs where people are waiting to enter a meeting or are taking a few moments off their working routine.

Some of these places can be lounges, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and reception areas and even people that are not employees may need to charge their cell phones or laptops as soon as they come in.

Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for them having to find an outlet in the middle of the wall and leave their cell phone on the floor while they sit across the room? Someone might trip over it or the person could forget they left it there and it could get lost, to name a few things that could occur.

This is where power towers come in handy. They give freedom to work interrupted by providing 360 degrees access to twelve power outlets and six rapid-charge USB ports at a convenient height. Created by Global Furniture Group, the Isle Power Tower comes in three sleek different finishes to march your style and are perfect for lounges, student commons, meeting areas and other types of group settings.

global furniture group isle power

From the same company, Vesta Power Towers are another great option for large areas where power solutions are needed. Also from Global Furniture Group, these charging towers can have up to four power outlets and dual USB-A ports. It can also be moved from one place to another so that it can be easily shared.

Every workspace is completely different from one another. However, these simple solutions can fit into most of the offices today. The ideal would be to consult an expert, like Manhattan Office Design, to figure out and understand what solutions you need for your particular space.

Perhaps you do not have a lounge area, but you do have a conference room, then you can use above desk power solutions. Or maybe your team does not have PC’s but only laptops, then what would suit them best are both below desk and above desk solutions and perhaps charging power towers in the cafe area.

The good thing about Global Furniture Group’s solutions is that they are adaptable to almost any situation. And not only that, they are modern, sleek, trendy and will blend in easily with any type of decoration, colors, styles and designs used in the contemporary and classic working environments today.

Contact Manhattan Office Design today for more information about the products available for your office, whether it is power solutions you are seeking or furniture. We can help you!