Every piece of furniture in your office can help you be more productive at work, or the other way around: not so efficient as you can be. From the chair to the colors the walls are painted, all the way to the type of desk, everything is important when it comes to a productive working environment.

In the case of desks, they also play an important role in everyday productivity. If it’s time to replace the one you have or you’re just beginning to furnish your office or workspace, then think about what kind of desk might suit you best, according to your company’s and your own personal needs.

Ask yourself questions like: What desk might meet the job’s needs?; What size should it be?; Will the desk surface withstand the daily-use demands of the job you do?

What types of desks are the best for an office environment?

wooden desk

There are many materials commonly used for desk fabrication and the ones that are mostly seen in an office environment are:

  1. Laminate

Laminate desks are the most popular choices in the market. Laminate consists of a plastic finish applied to a wood core. It is a cheaper option than other desk materials, and it is durable since it withstands daily usage, even more than wood or veneer.

Office desks with a laminate finish are also available in many colors, as well as wooden-patters. The thicker the laminate, the better it will withstand use and abuse.

  1. Wood or veneer

A wooden desk is definitely a more elegant choice and it will look much more attractive than a laminate one. The same goes for veneer, which is a thin surface layer of wood that is glued to a more inferior base.

Both of these options are normally more expensive than other materials and also more delicate to take care of. These desks can scratch easily, which makes it not a good option for rough or heavy use.

  1. Metal or steel

Metal or steel desks might not be the most professional in appearance, but they are a cheaper (and also sleek) option, especially for startups and companies that are looking for a more relaxed environment and vibe.

This material is the perfect option for a place where the tables are going to receive a long-term heavy use, or if it’s a place with high traffic.

As you can see, there are several options for your office desks. What you choose will depend on the purpose you want to give your furniture and the area you will be locating it in.

For instance, a dining hall may have laminate or plastic tables, while the CEO’s office could have a wooden or veneer desk. An employee that works all day in front of his computer could use a laminate or metal desk, while the office reception could look good with any material, depending on the company’s decoration style.

Advantages of metal furniture for the office

metal desk

Aside from all of the advantages stated above, having a metal desk has more positive aspects you can benefit from. One of them is that metal desks are very easy to clean.

In the case of wooden furniture, you will need special cleaning products and constant polishing to have them looking at their very best, for example, but metal can be cleaned with water and soap or just a damp piece of cloth.

In addition, metal furniture will not house pests or mites because of its hard cold surface. And, if a part of the desk goes missing, it is easier to replace from items from any local hardware store.

Since metal desks are unnatural, they last longer than other materials and are more environmental-friendly since no trees need to be cut down to manufacture them. 

If a metal desk scratches, you can paint over it or just apply a protective coat to prevent rust and chipping.

Another positive aspect is that metal furniture is affordable and stylish and it will give a timeless look to the office because of its minimalistic factor. If this style is what you like, then go for it with metal desks for your company’s workplace.

However, there are also disadvantages in metal furniture, but nothing too serious that cannot be solved at the time of purchase. One of them is the weight. Metal, especially steel is very heavy, so it will be harder to move if you need to relocate the piece.

When you purchase your metal furniture, check for any sharp points since they can be unsafe for anyone. The manufacturer, or yourself, can use a sandpaper to gently scrape the edges and sharp points away.

Finally, if you have wooden or linoleum floors, metal furniture can damage them if the feet of the furniture don’t have soft buffers underneath.

StreamLINE sleek metal desks by Global Furniture Group

metal desks streamline

If you’ve read this far and made up your mind about getting metal furniture or desks for your office, Manhattan Office Design recommends StreamLINE sleek metal desks by Global Furniture Group, so don’t stop reading, we’ll tell you more.

This office furniture series incorporates a rich laminate top with a sturdy steel chassis for a great support. According to the brand, it works perfectly for heavy-duty environments such as offices, schools, warehouses and factories.

This line not only makes desks but also storage drawers that can come in Box/Box/File and File/File combinations, depending on your needs and space. Choose also returns, bridges, credenzas, hutches and other accessories to create the environment you are looking for.

As for pedestals and finishes, there is a variety of options to choose from as well. The desk chassis, which is made of steel, uses an earth-friendly electrostatically applied powder paint finish that protects the environment and provides protection.

StreamLINE desks have seven different models that will adapt to your space and needs. They all include locks, pencil trays, full-extension ball-bearing suspension, laminate tops and come with Greenguard Certificate.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you create the office space of your dreams.