Did you know that the office interior design you choose has the power to make your workers more focused and productive? Among all the elements of design you should consider, furniture is one of the most important since it’ll provide the functional support for the body apart from embellishing the space. HON’s Solve ergonomic chair does exactly that. 

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HON Solve Chair in Office

Get the Support you Need from HON’s Solve 

All the amazing ergonomic features in Solve have been conceived to give you optimal and customizable comfort throughout even the longest workday. The best features from HON’s Solve are the synchro-tilt control (back tension adjustment), the different back materials including ReActiv™, and ilira®-stretch Mesh M4 fabric), the pneumatic seat adjustment (seat height and depth), and optional lumbar support (for extra comfort in the lumbar area). 

Solve by HON Is the Chair That Has What It Takes

Solve has an attractive patented geometric design called ReActiv™, which makes sitting for long hours comfortable since it allows constant airflow. Ilira®-stretch Mesh is another material that provides steady muscle support. HON Solve has adjustable arms as well, fixed or 4D. If you are looking for variety, you’ll definitely appreciate Solve’s variety of customizable frames, upholstery, finishes, and backs. HON has other wonderful task chairs and office chairs, so take a look at “Top HON Task Chairs to be More Productive in New York.”

HON Solve Chair Back View

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